MK FOODS brings fresh meat to you.


We are preparing various parts / parts ranging from Japanese Wagyu beef, Echigo cattle, Kuroge Wagyu beef to various imported beef from Wagyu brand name beef.Our company is focusing on the handling of domestically produced ice warm ripe cow with sweet and mellow taste with increased umami ingredients.

We prepare Pigs from Niigata Prefecture “Pure white Bianca” and various flavored pigs, including domestic swine import pigs.

Healthy poultry meat selected carefully by domestic imported chicken variety, MK foods, including Koshi-no-tori, Shinshu herb chicken, etc, can be deliciously enjoyed with confidence from a child to a wide range of elderly.

With our strict quality control that is familiar to meat meat, we can offer high quality processed products to meet customer’s request.
✿Main handled items

[Recommended selection items] [Niigata-Wagyu A-4、5 Kitashinshu-Miyuki-Wagyu] [Japan Hyonjukusei Beef] [Echigo Beef(Niigata)] [Niigata-Beef/Japan Beef] [Echigo Beef/Japan Beef][Crossbred cattle(Japan & Angus)][Imported Beef][Flavored Pork][Niigata Pork「Pure white Bianca」][Japan Pork][Imported Pork(frozen)][Niigata Chicken「Koshi-no-Tori」][Japan Chicken][Imported Chicken][Inported Meat][Ham · Winner][Croquette],etc.

✿”Hyo-on Jukusei(ice temperature maturation) beef” recommended by MK Foods

“Hyo-on Jukusei” In our own technical store equipped with equipment, and under thorough temperature control in the state of carcass from slaughter, “Hyo-on Jukusei” for 20 days homogenizes the cells of the meat, it becomes a soft touch.
In addition, the content of the taste ingredient “amino acid” increases, nutritive value also increases, it becomes a sweet and mellow flavor.

✿What’s “Hyo-on(ice cold)” ?

It is not cold storage nor frozen, the third temperature zone.
It is below 0 ℃ but it does not freeze. It is “ice cold”

✿The effect of “Hyo-on Jukusei”
  • Increase in flavor ingredients
    Self-defense instinct acts as if the food itself does not freeze when food is exposed to a low temperature of 0 ° C or lower, and antifreeze is stored in the body of itself. The ingredients contained in this antifreezing solution are those called sugar, amino acids and other taste components.
  • High freshness preservation
    Because aged and stored at a significantly lower temperature than ordinary aging, the food itself does not deteriorate, and high quality and freshness can be maintained.
  • Optimal hygiene environment preservation(Reduction of harmful microorganisms)
    Harmful microorganisms causing food poisoning etc. will not be activated and will be reduced in low temperature environments below 0 ° C.Bacteria increase with normal aging method, the longer the maturation period is, the less hygienic it is.
    However, with “ice warm aging”, the original taste of the material can be drawn out while maintaining the optimal hygiene environment.