“Our Features”

[High-quality business meat]
We have hygienic production facilities and latest meat equipment. Expert staff will process carefully.We will respond flexibly to customer’s various processing needs.

[Reliable customer service]
We will reflect the customer’s voice seriously and reflect it in the service by responding to properly delivering goods that respond to customer’s requests, from purchase to processing.

[Delivery by ourselves]
Our staff delivers fresh meat quickly to local schools, nurseries, inns, hotels, restaurants, etc. every day.

Our company started from “Iroha butcher shop” founded in MyokoKogen Town in 1953.
After that, we changed organization to a stock company in 25 years later, and after five years we launched “MK Foods” wholesale and retail business of general food ingredients in general, expanded sales channels, responding to local customers’ requests It was.
And in the last year of Heisei, moved to Myoko city. Based on the new office building, we reinforce the meat division coming from the company’s founding, and we are also working on business that responds to customer’s needs.

Everyday, we are also working on product development, our own processed products such as chumshew, bacon, ham etc. are also products that respond to customer’s request.
MK Foods, which has been certified as ‘Nigakata Wagyu Handling Designated Store’ from Niigata Prefecture, also handles domestically produced ice warm ripe cows that have been matured further deliciously.As a reliable MK food that delivers safe and safe quality meat to our customers steadily, we will continue to make every effort from now on, aiming for further development, all employees will work with full power.

*About the unified brand of “Niigata Wagyu” in Niigata Prefecture [Niigata Prefecture Livestock Industry Association]

[Management Philosophy]

As a company that keeps everyone’s food, As a company that always supplies safe quality meat, we strive to make purchasing with peace of mind by emphasizing sanitation management.
In addition, each employee has taken further training to ensure that we can respond to customer’s requests at all times.We strive to satisfy our customers’ trust as our first priority to provide stable and delicious products with high quality.

[Company Summary]
Company name Murayoshi Corporation
CEO Takashi Yokoo
Store Name MK FOODS
Establishment 1953
Location 944-0052 Kaminaka580-1,Myoko City,Niigata
Phone 0255-78-7541
FAX 0255-78-7546
Business contents Meat wholesale and retail business General food ingredients Wholesale and retail trade
Items handled Frozen foods such as beef, pork, chicken, horse meat, duck meat, lamb meat, various carcasses / partial meat, potion cut, internal organs etc, frozen foods such as croquette · sausage · mentikatsu etc, processed products such as chashuws etc. General food
Handling designated store [Niigata WAGYU]Handling designated store
Delivery destination Restaurant, steakhouse, pub, barbecue, hotel, inn, pension, elementary and junior high school, nursery school, elderly welfare facilities etc.
Business day / hour from Monday to Friday/8:00-17:00