Beef part

Part name Feature Use
Neck(ネック) It is hard next to shin meat. Stew, curry, soup, minced meat
Shoulder/Brisket(肩) Slightly hard Sukiyaki, Shabu-shabu, stews of curry · stew, pastrami
Shoulder roace/Chuck Eye Roll(肩ロース) Easier to marbling Sukiyaki, Shabu-shabu, Stewed, Steak
Ribulose/Ribeye(リブロース) Easier to marbling Steak, roast beef, sukiyaki, shabu-shabu
Sirloin(サーロイン) Soft Steak, roast beef
Fillet, tenderloin(ヒレ) The leanest and softest Steak, thin slices are also good for shabu-shabu
Raw(ばら) Lots of fat, somewhat hard Sukiyaki, beef bowl, grilled meat, simmered
Chuck-roll(かたばら) Slightly hard Grilled kalbi
Bitter(ともばら) Slightly stiff, lean and fat are stratified Short rib
Thighs, top-side(もも、うちもも) Many lean Steak, roast beef, grilled beef, cold beef, beatfish
Outside thigh(そともも) Slightly hard, with a lot of gelatin Stewed dishes, beef stroganoff
Top Sirloin Butt(ランプ) Less fat but soft. Also suitable for raw eating Steak, roast beef, butter roasted, yukke, sashimi
Shin(すね) Red meat. It is hard and plenty Stewed soup
Thick flank(しんたま) Less fat and soft
Tail(テール) High protein and high collagen Stew, soup
Muscle, Achilles tendon(スジ、アキレス腱) It is hard, but rich in collagen, it becomes softest when simmering Oden, stewed beef, beef bowl, Buchu Bourguignon etc.
Misuji (rare part)(みすじ) The part around the shoulder blades
Cheek(ほほ肉) It has a flavor similar to tan but it has different flavor and a unique flavor The calf’s one is particularly preferred for French cuisine as Tet de Vau.
Tan/Tongue(タン) It has a lot of fat but it becomes soft when boiled. I have a unique cockerer Tongue with salt, stew
Ear, nose(耳、鼻) Have a unique texture with crisp and crunchy ears and nose Cut the boiled ones and make jelly and marinade etc to make appetizers and liquor.