Chicken part

Part Feature Use
Chicken wings/手羽先 In the wing part, it is divided into chicken wings and wing origin. It contains a lot of fat and gelatin, and you can enjoy the balance of meat and leather. It is suitable for deep fried soup.
Tebamoto/手羽元 Alias ​​”Wing Stick”. Because it has bone, meat and skin so much, it is close to regular meat, it is also suitable for fried food or boiled from other dishes. It corresponds to the part between a person’s elbow and shoulder. It is used for multicolored uses such as roast chicken of chicken, grill of chicken wing origin, boiled wing sauce, boiled ketchup, fried chicken etc, baked, boiled and fried.
Mune/ムネ Less fat, many proteins, meat quality soft, taste is crisp. It is suitable for dishes that make use of the flavor of oils such as pottery and fried foods. It is also suitable for steamed foods that make use of lightness.
Thigh/モモ It is muscular and somewhat compact, but it has flavor and rich flavor. As well as protein and fat, it is characterized by a lot of iron. Bone attachment is often used for stewing. It is used most frequently.
Sasamiササミ It becomes a part of fins called cattle and pigs. Protein is the most numerous, soft and low in fat, pale white taste. It is used for steamed dishes, salads, kimono etc.
Skin/皮 It is characterized by a lot of fat, strong taste and strong umami. It is high in calories but plenty of collagen. Stir-fried food and simmered dishes will give you a chance to cook. When it is grilled chicken, it adds fragrance and appetite.
Liver/レバー It is the liver. It contains a lot of vitamin A and iron. Salt with salt, soak in milk, drain blood, cook it after taking scissors. If you bake or stir-fried with flavored vegetables, you will find it easier to eat.
Gizzard/砂肝 It is a part of the muscle of the stomach, and it is characterized by a touch of tooth which is made with crunch. It is high protein without much habit while being internal. It is used for pottery and fried foods. Ginger makes it easier to eat.
Neck/セセリ A part that can only be taken from a bird with a stripped chicken neck.
Because it is a part of the neck muscle that moves frequently, the body is very tight. It is characterized by having more fat than the thigh meat, it has elasticity in the texture, and it has a taste where the meat juice comes out as it chews.
*By people, the taste of chicken is so tasty that it is said to be in the order of “chicken → breast meat → thigh meat → rice cake”.
It is suitable for deep-fried or oil-roasted dishes.
Tail/ボンジリ Tail is said to be a delicious part called “chicken toro”, especially the yakitori is a popular part.Due to the rare site, it is difficult to obtain. Because it is a part around the tail, it is also called “tail”. It is used for various dishes such as yakitori, fried chicken and stir-fry.