Pork part

Part Feature Use
SHOULDER BUTT(肩) Because it is a part that moves frequently, muscle quality and fat are moderately less.
It is a part that is somewhat stiff and has a solid taste.
Stewed dishes such as Tonjiru, sliced ​​pork beans, chashu etc
FAT BACK(肩ロース) A fat is mixed in the lean of the meat’s lean body. There is richness and there is a rich flavor. Curry, grilled pork, ginger paste etc.
※It is recommended to strip out before cooking.
LOIN(ロース) Fine texture is soft and the most delicious part is said. There is also a umami in the fat. Pork cutlets and pork chops are the best
TENDERLOIN It will be the best quality part of pork.Vitamin B1 with beautiful skin effect is contained most frequently. It is also characterized by very soft. It is said to be compatible with dishes using oil such as pork sauce and pork cutlets.
LEG(腿) It has low fat content, refreshes, contains fine vitamin B1 after finely fine fin. Roast pork and bonelessham etc
FLANK(ばら) A region with thick fat.Another name is Sanmai-niku.Those with bones are called spare ribs.Bacon is also made at this part. Baked pigs, meat and potatoes, boiled horn etc.
LEG(外腿) Less fat, taste also soft in a soft part.
It is a part that fits any dish.
It is suitable for simmered pork, stew, horn boiled and others.
SHANK(すね) A stark and hard part.It softens by boiling for a long time. Boiled dishes, minced meat etc.
FOOT(豚足) It is a part of the foot of a pig.Gelatin contains plenty of good collagen for the skin.
he taste of chicken is so tasty that it is said to be in the order of
“chicken → breast meat → thigh meat → rice cake”.
It is often used for Okinawa cuisine, Chinese food etc.